Forum OpenACS Development: NaviServer on Windows: Compile Instructions for Visual Studio 2015


Are there any instructions around on how to compile NaviServer for Windows with the latest free VS? I mean for complete dummies... I didn't use any Microsoft IDE since doing Visual Basic stuff in 1996 or so...

I believe Maurizio includes some Makefile or so with his code. Maybe somebody could point me to a tutorial on how to compile from that?

Compiling NaviServer on Linux requires to have all those add-on modules installed in the right version as well. Are there any recommendations?


This script works really well for compiling Naviserver and other requirements for OpenACS on linux platforms.
Dear Frank,
did you read/see this?
And in particular the following statement?
A Visual Studio 2017 Solution File is included in the distribution."

Thanks for the replies so far.

Thanks Dave, Linux is not the issue. Gustaf's script says debian=0, redhat=0, macosx=0, sunos=0, freebsd=0. But no win32 or similar...

Thanks Maurizio, I saw this page already. Maybe I'm just not familiar with the "Solution File" - never heard about it. I'll check it out.

When we prepare a (Linux) installer, we create something like this:
So these are step-by-step instructions on how to build the system. Or Malte Sussdorff had step-by-step for compiling AOLserver, including some hints on which versions to use etc. There are so many small decisions to take and quick fixes to use...

I'll try to move along and let you know about the result.