Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to How many users of ACS are there?

Posted by Cristian Lapa on
Reberto and folks from Brazil, I'm not one of the "engineers" (eu faco o meio-campo entre as equipes de metodologia, desenvolvimento e conteudo - sou cientista politico e sei "ler" programacao, mas nao sou um desenvolvedor), who are very shy about posting on this bboard, so I was designated to hunt down other brazilians, so to speak =).

We have a heavily modified ACS running behind our official website and communities, and OpenACS in two testing machines. We were working hard to get e-learning working under ACS but kinda dropped it waiting for dotLRN.

We chose an Oracle DB mostly because of Intermedia - PorsGres isn't quite there yet when it comes to sws, for example, and it's very important for us to have that working. Eventually we plan on dropping ACS and Ora and migrating to Postgres+OpenACS, but not in a near future. It would take a long time to port all the mods we worked on ACS to OpenACS, and with only a small team for R&D and diagnosys, it would be overkill.

We've been working on some OpenACS modules we don't use in our our regular jobs, like ecommerce (wich doesn't require Ora), because it's fun, we learn a lot and maybe we could get a "consulting" gig for small business if it works straight.

Ja deu pre ver que o esse forum nao suporta acentuacao. Isso nos deu uma enorma dor de cabeca =)

Nos vamos nos mantendo ocupados, por assim dizer.