Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS "LTS" - Long Time Support branch?


Here at ]project-open[, we see OpenACS as our "underlying platform and infrastructure". However, the ]po[ application doesn't use much of the OpenACS GUI. At the contrary, it tries to hide it as much as possible (the GUI) because it is kept in a different style. So improvements in the OpenACS GUI are of limited value to ]po[.

On the other side, ]project-open[ is a very, very large application. We've got >200 packages and rely on being able to quickly add more packages. We can handle such a large application only if the base doesn't move much. The latest update from OpenACS 5.4 to 5.9 required a total of 3-4 man-month of work. This is a lot for a small team, particularly when you take into account that there were no significant benefit for our customers (there are a number of small improvements , but our customers wouldn't even notice).

So what we'd need is a stable base that doesn't change much, but which is still supported in terms of important bug and security fixes. Every 3-6 years we would then upgrade to the latest stable version.

Are there other parties that have similar requirements?