Forum OpenACS Development: Re: NaviServer on Windows: How to restart on Windows? How to exit with error code?

You are asking for a change, which is
a) incompatible with AOLserver, and
b) can break existing installations , when suddenly nsd returns on restart a non-zero return code, when someone click on "restart server". The exact consequences for the various service managers (like systemd, upstart, daemontools, launchd, ...) etc. are hard to determine and depend on details.

Leaving the default behavior as it is and add a configure option for NaviServer and the non-zero returncode is probably ok.

Hi Gustaf,

Good points.
So yeah, a configuration option would be great in one of the next OpenACS options.

Meanwhile we've patched the code in OpenACS 5.9 to do the -restart on Windows. There is no time pressure, because it will probably be years before we do the next update.