Forum OpenACS Development: Re: JODconverter vs. OpenOffice/LibreOffice Command Line

Well, over six years ago when this was developed, ooffice did not have that option, thats why jodconverter and later pyod converter came into being.

If it works for you, perfect, I actually changed my intranet-openoffice package to use pyodconvert

set status [catch {ns_proxy eval $handle "exec -- /usr/bin/python3 [acs_package_root_dir intranet-openoffice]/pyodconverter/ $oo_file $output_file" 5000} result]

I personally will keep the intranet-openoffice package, but maybe exchange the phython call above with a direct exec on libreoffice.

Hi Malte,

Just for curiosity: Why would you use pyodconverter and not ooffice directly?


Hi Frank,

are lack of knowledge and never change a running system good answers?

Other than that I second Brian in thanking you for pointing this out and look forward to experimenting with flat ODT.

Best wishes