Forum OpenACS Development: Bug in XoWiki: More than 10 includelets on a page


I believe I've found a (minor) bug in the XoWiki. The following works as the content of a XoWiki page:

{{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Gantt Editor"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Projects in Program"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Task Board"}}}

{{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Baselines"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Members"}}}
{{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Base Data"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Survey Component"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Earned Value"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Notes"}}} {{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Risks"}}}

However, if I just add an additional "{{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Risks"}}} " I get the error:

Error in includelet '{{adp portlets/portlet {portlet "Project Risks"}}}' of page en:2016_0005:
Nesting of includelets is to deep

I checked, the code, and I believe the issue can be found in xowiki-procs.tcl:

if {$::xowiki_inclusion_depth > 10} {
      return [my error_in_includelet $arg [_ xowiki.error-includelet-nesting_to_deep]]$ch2

So xowiki_inclusion_depth does not return the inclusion depth, but counts the includelets on the page.


Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Ahh, and it's not in any way urgent to ]po[, and the fix won't make it into ]po[ V5.0. It's fairly easy to work around...


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
you are right, this was an issue for adp includelets. Should be fixed in CVS HEAD.