Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Naviserver Post Body Lost if Over a Certain Size

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Thanks for your quick response that was very helpful!
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Gustaf, Thanks for that fix. We added the form.tcl to our naviserver . Should that work? We are getting an error message of

wrong # args: should be "try code ?catch? ?handler? ?finally? ?cleanup?"
while executing
"try {
set content [read $fp]
#ns_log warning "===== ns_parseformfile reads $file $form $contentType -> [string length $content..."
(procedure "ns_parseformfile" line 17)

We added the form.tcl so we did not have to recompile naviserver. I didn't notice any changes to other files for this fix.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
what version of "try" are you using? "try" is builtin in tcl 8.6 [1] and there is an emulation in tcllib for 8.5. None of these versions provide the error message above.