Forum OpenACS Development: XoWiki Demo Error on Alice:8000, HowTo XoWiki Application


I was looking for a demo of Form and FormPage in order to create a XoWiki application for comparing open-source project management tools.

I have to admit that I didn't find anything after 30min of searching around.

However, I found some errors in the sample applications:


I've added the error message below. I was logged in as "Frank Bergmann" (

My idea was to build an application that is half Web-Site, half application, similar to Capterra, but exclusively for open-source software:

Each "product" (version) would have an evaluation form, where we would note the score for a number of functional areas. On the home page we'd allow a user to enter some criteria/areas of interest and try to match the product.

Any advice?



Error in includelet 'folders':
query select content_type as object_type from cr_items where item_id=-4 did not return an answer
while executing
"error "query $sql did not return an answer""
(procedure "::xo::db_1row" line 8)
invoked from within
"::xo::db_1row get_class_from_item_id "select content_type as object_type from cr_items where item_id=$item_id""
invoked from within
"ns_cache eval xotcl_object_type_cache [expr {$item_id ? $item_id : $revision_id}] {
if {$item_id} {
::xo::db_1row get_class_from_item_i..."
(procedure "get_object_type" line 3)
invoked from within
"my get_object_type -item_id $item_id -revision_id $revision_id"
(procedure "get_instance_from_db" line 2)
invoked from within
"::xo::db::CrClass get_instance_from_db -item_id [$page parent_id]"
(procedure "get_folder" line 22)
::482174 ::xowiki::Page->get_folder
invoked from within
"$page get_folder -folder_form_ids $folder_form_id"
(procedure "build_tree" line 19)
::nsf::__#G ::xowiki::includelet::folders->build_tree
invoked from within
"my build_tree"
(procedure "render" line 14)
invoked from within
(procedure "render" line 4)
::nsf::__#G ::xowiki::includelet::decoration=plain->render
invoked from within
"$includelet render"