Forum OpenACS Development: XoWiki pages don't appear in sitemap.xml


We've got an error(?) with the Google sitemap.xml. Some (newer) pages don't appear, even though they are create "just normal".

Debugging a bit, I found that these pages don't appear in the table "syndication". However, the parameter "Syndicate" is set to 1 and checkingthe XoWiki manual, and both "search" and "tsearch2-driver" are installed. "search" is mounted, but "tsearch2-driver" appears as a "Service" in my site-map, so it can not be mounted.

Is that the reason new pages don't appear in syndication?

And how can I fix the situation? Can I just insert empty records in the table, or will I destroy something with it?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Can it be that the publish status iof this pages is not ready?

Background: xowiki makes pages "public" depending on its publish status. While a page is under work, or needs some more changes, it is in "production" mode (in xowiki admin pages marked with the red box). When it is done, the publish status should be set to "ready", it will appear as green. Only "ready" content is made available for syndication (and search, and google site maps).