Forum OpenACS Development: XoWiki "Link-Checker" - Check for broken links in large Wiki?


As you may know, ]project-open[ has a pretty big XoWiki instance with 1430 pages or files.

We have introduced some conventions on how to name pages (for example "package-*" are pages describing OpenACS packages...). However, there are probably a lot of spelling mistakes etc.

We could now search in the export for [...] expressions in the HTML output. However, it would be a lot more elegant if there were a SQL or TCL script for listing the broken links per page.

Any suggestions are welcome!


There is nothing special about link-checking in xowiki. There is no extra built-in support for link-checking, but there are many link-checkers out there, which might be used. One option (especially for public content) is [1]: it finds e.g. 223 broken links on 972 web pages on