Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Problems with SuppressHttpPort

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Raul, many thanks for the good report!

So, the problem is probably the upgrade to secure, i.e. when connecting via HTTP to a site requiring HTTPS , having SuppressHttpPort set. Can you apply the change [1] to your installation and check whether this helps? If so, i'll do the same change on HEAD and add some test cases.

all the best


Posted by Raul Rodriguez on

I applied the patch and works as expected. Going to returns with no port.

Thank you

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

I've updated the oacs-5-9 branch, increased version number and re-tagged, such that OpenACS 5.9 users can also do a "upgrade from repository".

In the HEAD branch, i did similar (did some more cleanup, including a small regression test, ...)

all the best

Posted by Raul Rodriguez on

Went to

The "ACS Site-Wide Administration" link has the port,

Does the logic need to be updated to include a check for SuppressHttpPort?

The link uses util::configured_location


ad_page_contract {
    @author Bryan Quinn (
    @author Michael Bryzek (

    @creation-date August 15, 2000
    @cvs-id $Id: index.tcl,v 2016/09/02 17:33:19 gustafn Exp $
} {
} -properties {

array set this_node [site_node::get -url [ad_conn url]]
set title "Subsite [_ acs-subsite.Administration]: $this_node(instance_name)"

set acs_admin_url [apm_package_url_from_key "acs-admin"]
array set acs_admin_node [site_node::get -url $acs_admin_url]
set acs_admin_name $acs_admin_node(instance_name)
set sw_admin_p [permission::permission_p -party_id [ad_conn user_id] -object_id $acs_admin_node(object_id) -privilege adm\
set full_acs_admin_url [util::configured_location]$acs_admin_url

set convert_subsite_p [expr { [llength [apm::get_package_descendent_options [ad_conn package_key]]] > 0 }]


ad_proc -public util::configured_location {} {

    Return the configured location as configured for the current
    network driver. While [util_current_location] honors the virtual
    host information of the host header field,
    util::configured_location returns the main configured location
    (probably the main subsite). This also differs from [ad_url],
    which returns always the same value from the kernel parameter,
    since it returns either the https or http result.

    @return the configured location in the form "proto://hostname?:port?"

    @see ad_url
    @see util_current_location
} {
    set driver_info [util_driver_info]
    return [util::join_location \
		-proto    [dict get $driver_info proto] \
		-hostname [dict get $driver_info hostname] \
		-port     [dict get $driver_info port]]

Thank You