Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: getting old versions of openacs working, versus getting the latest version working

Update: I succeeded building the new naviserver: since the nsssl module was included in the naviserv tarball, I had to address the whole ssl/tls thing. I run debian stretch, and installing libssl-dev was the build dependency that allowed the build of naviserver to run to completion.

Now, I have encountered a new problem, which is that I get an error when having openacs core load its initial data model, that I believe can be summarized as:

invalid command name "::try"
while executing
"::try {
set package_uri $version(package.url)
set package_type $version(package.type)
set package_name $version(package-name)

and, I also have the complete build log, which is here:

Please take a look, and thanks in advance.