Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: getting old versions of openacs working, versus getting the latest version working

What i can see:
- "try" is a builtin of Tcl 8.6 and supported scripted via tcllib. tcllib in version 1.19 is recommended (see [1]).
- Tcl 8.5.13 is 8 years old. In general, tcl 8.6.* is recommended. If you really want to go for Tcl 8.5, use Tcl 8.5.18 (this can be configured in [1])
The "try" problem might be the consequence of an outdated tcllib and/or an outdated version of Tcl.

Furthermore, the system lacks xotcl (the CVS HEAD version requires at least 2.0, 2.2 is recommended, since several years, XOTcl is part of nsf). Get it from [2] or via [1].