Forum OpenACS Development: Re: can't connect to port 80: network is unreachable

Once your DNS resolves with an IPv6 address, you have at least minimal support for IPv6 on that machine.

I've just checked access to via IPv6:

 ns_http run https:/
returns as expected the full page.
 ns_http run {https://[2001:628:404:74::31]/repository/}
returns the redirect to the canonical URL
status 301 time 0:10582 headers d4 body {status 301 time 0:10582 headers d4 body {<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">
<a href="">The requested URL has moved permanently here.</a>
<p align='right'><small><i>NaviServer/4.99.17 on</i></small></p>

} https {sslversion TLSv1.3 cipher TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384}

So, the IPv6 setup on is correct. The current access log shows 23k IPv6 requests to, about 2% of the requests.

Concernging your two machines: do both have the exactly the same versions of the OS and NaviServer and OpenACS installed?

Thanks Gustaf,
The cause was IPv6 being enabled, while the hardware of the server provides no support to it. Thus, every time ns_http tried to use IPv6, it returned a colateral error (i.e. network in unreachable).

We've have disabled IPv6, and now ns_http runs only on IPv4 only and the page "/admin/install" loads successfully.

Best wishes,