Forum OpenACS Development: Bug in lang::util::default_locale_from_lang_not_cached with zh_CN and zh_TW


We've got a new customer in Taiwan, and enabling both zh_CN and zh_TW gives a hard error in the system affecting all pages.

As a fix, I just replaced "select locale" with "select min(locale)" in lang-util-procs.xql.

=> Could somebody please commit this into the OpenACS core?

=> Or could somebody provide me with commit rights so that I can do these type of changes myself? How is the process? However, these type of changes are quite rare...


Dear Frank,

I have tried on my test instance to enable both chinese locales and I didn't experience any visible regression. What do you mean by "all pages"?

Can you provide steps to reproduce the issue, possibly on a fresh instance?

Thanks in advance


The best process is to submit a short bug report to the bug tracker and attach a patch to it.
Perfect, thanks!