Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Would OpenACS serve as a good Document Managem System

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
That's neat!
Even because ]po[ was the first place I was looking for analogies of a D.M.S. ( i.e. similarities and differences)

I agree DMS could be a compound of tools and features such as versioned files, plus metadata, plus a workflow, etc.

In fact, I was looking for how file-storage behaves under a project in PO, and ufortunately I noticed it doesn't control versions.

Then I went to file-storage's core and versioning is well supported. So I was wondering why my version of PO, intranet-filestorage, it doesn't support versioning files. At least it doesn't have the same code of file-stroage.

"Then there is a completely new "]po[ Sync" client for Linux, Windows and MacOS based on Electron, that allows to sync local files (per project) to the server using intranet-rest-fs-openacs." - Frank

Currently on, I'm running ]po[ Let me know where I can download these new features, packages and sources.

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