Forum OpenACS Q&A: Would OpenACS serve as a good Document Managem System

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Hi there,
I was looking for opensource solutions for document management systems, and I found and

Then, I found a list of the top 10 DMS.

However, as usual, I always tend to use OpenACS. Thus, I was wondering if OpenACS, more specifically file-storage, would turn to be a good solution.

Does anyone use OpnACS as a Document System Management framework?

Best wishes,

Hi Iuri,

What exactly is a DMS?

To me, it's versioned files plus metadata plus a workflow.

In ]project-open[ there is a new package intranet-rest-fs-openacs for exposing the file-storage standard OpenACS package.

Then there is a completely new "]po[ Sync" client for Linux, Windows and MacOS based on Electron, that allows to sync local files (per project) to the server using intranet-rest-fs-openacs.

These packages basically support DynFields for the "file" object type, so that you can add any metadata you want.

The acs-workflow package allows you to define any workflow you'd imagine, as sophisticated as it may get.

]po[ Sync is not yet available publicly, but we'd be happy to open our new GitLab server for you to access the code.