Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Port of OACS3 Classifieds to OACS4

Posted by Deds Castillo on

My port is general enough so that it can be used on any type of container-item relationship. It builds forms dynamically from attributes so this means you can add your fields (as another column on the table, or as a generic variable which gets stored in my own attribute_values table) and it will be seen automatically by the system.

It also gets rid of the domain in the old classifieds in favor of instance tracking via package_id. It uses content repository and support for categorization is done via cr_keywords. UI is not yet complete though and right now it's Postgres only as I needed it fast for a paying client. You should see it in action in a live site the next week or so. There are more code I'd like to add (and correct) like proper support for templating and stuff, but If you want to see the code now then I can send you an oacs package.

Posted by tammy m on
Did the any of the proposed Classified Ads upgrades to OACS4.x get finished and if so where do I find one?!