Forum OpenACS Q&A: Issue installing openacs in ubuntu 18.04


I have been trying to install openAcs on ubuntu 18.04 and debian 8 with naviserver, following the guide in

when doing the bash build, i got this error at the end of the installation.

checking for NaviServer/AOLserver configuration... configure: error: /usr/local/ns directory doesn't contain ns.h
Makefile:1716: recipe for target 'configure-packages' failed
make: *** [configure-packages] Error 1.

i will appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
There is a similar report + fix on github. it might have to do with different versions of the .m4 files between the tip and older releases, we have to investigate. In the meantime, please folllow [1] and remove the --with-naviserver flag for the Tcl configuration.