Forum OpenACS Development: NaviServer: net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED 200

Hi (Gustaf...)!

I get this error reproducibly on ]project-open[ on page: server:/intranet/admin/backup/index after pressing "New Backup" (-> /intranet/admin/backup/pg_admin) and returning from that pg_admin, IF I have enabled compression in the config.tcl file:

ns_param        compressenable  on

Disabling compression fixes the issue.

We are at the process of releasing ]po[ 5.0.3, so we found the issue. However, the installer will available for download only in a few days.

Do you have any idea at the moment?

Otherwise I'll let you know once the installer is available.


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
This is not an OpenACS topic, but either NaviServer or PO.

I have never seem such a message before. By googling around, it seems that this this error is quite common on windows systems with various servers [1,2] (nothing special about NaviServer). Do you get this error as well on non-windows machines? Do you see this message on the server or on the client side? What is your browser? Is there a place, where i can see, what this page does? What version of NaviServer are you using?

The configuration option of the config file just provides a default value, which can be changed per request with ns_conn [3]. No need to turn it off in general, one can do this per page. So, an easy "fix" would be to avoid compression just for this page.



Dear Frank,
I hope this information can help you. I used the following configuration:
]project-open[ Version:
OS Platform: Windows
OS Version: 10.0
TCL Version: 8.6.9
Web Server Version: 4.99 (my latest distribution)
PostgreSQL Version: 12.1
bzip2 Version: 1.0.2
bunzip2 Version:1.0.1
gzip/gunzip Version: 1.2.4
In the config:
ns_param        compressenable  on
The result of "ns_conn acceptedcompression" is "gzip". Given I'm using PgSql version 12.1, I had to modify in the file "pg_dump.tcl" the regular expression checking the database version and remove the option "-i" which is not supported any longer. But, apart from these minor changes, everything seems to be working fine (I tested all the buttons/commands in the backup page).
Again, I hope it helps.
Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Thanks for the replies.

The issue appears on a CentOS 7 Linux machine, so it's definitely not (only) related to Windows.

As a workaround I have turned compression off. That should be - kind of - OK for a while.

I'll let you know as soon as we've published a Virtual Machine or updated a demo server.