Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ]project-open[ V5.0 Release Candidate and OpenACS

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Ciao Maurizio,

Server Informationen: this is a bit of German isn't it?

That's on the "Admin" page at the right, correct?
In my browser that appears in English.

Is it possible that you have enabled German in your browser or as default language?

Very strange...

]project-open[ Version: runs nicely also on my
Windows Port of Naviserver/OpenACS which consists
of the very latest version of everything.

I have no doubt about this in general.

=> Maybe you could publish a short description on what to do in order to make ]po[ work on your installer?

Then I could include this in our documentation (and point to your installer!). I understand there are users who would like to work with the latest versions...

runs nicely

The problem with "running" is usually not the TCL side, but all the functionality that needs some external tools from the Linux toolchain.

For testing we use the following page:

- Does deleting tasks in the Gantt Editor work? (Does NSD / your proxy support extended HTML verbs including PUT and DELETE?)
- Does database backup and restore work in Admin -> Backup -> New Backup?
- Are workflows displayed correctly? Please check Admin -> Workflow -> some workflow -> Graphical Workflow Editor
- Does it work to upload/download/delete work in intranet-filestorage?
- Are exchange rates updated? (Master Data -> Exchange Rates -> Update)
- Does Active Directory integration work (ldapsearch and varous Perl libraries...)?
- Does running upgrade scripts form the Home page work?

Once these tests are finished I would use the adjective "nicely"...