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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in .LRN but anyway...

I was wondering how far people have come with integrating dotLRN portlets into xowiki.

For instance I have a community which is going to use an xowiki instance for the majority of it's content. Within this wiki I want to include the dotLRN portlets in a seamless manner. Maybe I am overcomplicating things here and there is a really easy way to this but should each different package have a file in the www/portlets folder which contains the code to build these includes?

For instance there is a forums-portlet file which lists a user's forums. By simply substituting the portal_id of the user with that of the community/class I can list all of the forums of that community/class within the wiki. Other packages which spring to mind are chat, surveys, schedule etc. How far have people gone with this integration? I can only see a few packages listed in www/portlets.

Would it be a good idea to have a flag which determines whether you are in a community or in a MySpace area?

IMO this allows for a really great use of the wiki to construct 'webby' pages within communities with all of the functionality of the package concept maintained.

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Posted by Alfred Essa on
I would like to see integration of .LRN with xowiki and am considering funding it.

I have been using jotspot for project and program collaboration. There is a lot to like in jotspot: hosted solution, inexpensive, user friendly, variety of collaboration tools, relatively nice interface, mostly bug free.

The fatal problem with jotspot is that the tools are not integrated.