Forum OpenACS Development: FYI: Error upgrading xowiki 5.9.1

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

Upgrading to xowiki 5.9.1, we get the following error message:

Package enabled.Error: invalid command name "::xowiki::Package" invalid command name "::xowiki::Package" while executing "::xowiki::Package instances -closure true" (procedure "__upgrade" line 600) invoked from within "__upgrade $from_version_name $to_version_name" (procedure "::nsf::procs::xowiki::upgrade_callback" line 11) invoked from within "{*}$command" (procedure "::nsf::procs::apm_invoke_callback_proc" line 36) invoked from within "apm_invoke_callback_proc -version_id $version_id -type after-upgrade -arg_list [list from_version_name $upgrade_from_version_name to_version_name $ve..." (procedure "::nsf::procs::apm_package_install" line 223) invoked from within "apm_package_install -enable=$enable_p -package_path $package_path -callback apm_ns_write_callback -load_data_model -data_model_files $data_model_..."

I understand this is "harmless", because xowiki starts to work again after a restart. I just wanted to inform...


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
This is known. As you mention, the error is harmless, since after upgrade, one has to restart anyway. It is probably caused by missing dependencies on reloads.