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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Community:

here is a summary of my changes over the last week:

  • book-style:
    • the ordering of the section numbers in the table of contents or book is now performed via xotcl instead of the lexical ordering in ltree (we want III.9 before III.11).
    • the toc includelet allows to omit leading numbers in the display of the table of contents
    • a new page viewer based on ajax + YUI, which leads to a smoother display and less load for the server (it is not necessary to render the full page)
    • the toc includelet lets control whether to use ajax or not

    • new package parameter extra_css to request additional css files to be loaded for an instance
    • additional social software support: besides digg and, one can add a button to for "my yahoo" via package parameter
    • per-page parameters: all setting of the package parameters can be altered on a per-page basis. One can use the new includelet {{set-parameter /parameter/ /value/}}. See the book prototype page for an example

    • better catching and visualization of error messages from includelets
    • added a "more..." link for summary mode of weblog, uses syndication table
    • added a file-guessing code for strange content-types in file-uploads (see for some discussions)
    • improved page import: earlier versions could only add or replace pages. now, xowiki allows as well updates through the import interface by adding revisions

    • For a showcase of the new book-style with ajax updates, see and use the arrows of the progress bar or the left column for navigation..


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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
one more quick update: after some javascript mangling the ajax-based doc-book code works now with camino, firefox, opera and safari (in alphabetical order).
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Posted by Matthew Coupe on

Using Ajax and xowiki, would it be possible to include a forum and then as you click through the pages for submitting posts etc. have them all included in the wiki as opposed to browsing away to the forum page? This sort of behaviour would be similar to how frames work.


6: Re: xowiki 0.42 (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

as you know, one can include relative easily forum contents via adp includes into xowiki pages. The ajax and fade-in / fade-out effects will certainly work with this as well, since this works with all kind of xowiki pages.

however, this does not make a xowiki a good forums application, since all links of the forums will point to the forum apps, etc.

i would estimate that it is more work getting the forums into xowiki than writing an xowiki forums application. One could use e.g. the page order for representing the threads and replies, and make a includelet similar to the "table of contents" doc in

-gustaf neumann