Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS clustering setup and how it relates to xotcl-core.

Concerning the segfault: what version of NaviServer are you using? From the line numbers, it can't be a recent NaviServer. It might come from 4.99.19 (released 2020-01-06) or earlier, but note that the released version if NaviServer is already 4.99.22 (released 2021-08-25). The newer versions have this code rewritten, so there is some likelyhood that the segfault will go away with the currently released version.
Thanks Gustaf,

We will work on getting on this latest release for our live system.

Hi Gustaf,

In looking closer at the docker image that I build with naviserver it appears that we are built with naviserver-4.99.22. In my /usr/local/src/ directory the 'wget' from ' build' pulled down naviserver-4.99.22.tar.gz and unpacked it and compiled it.

Once this was done I ran the commands you gave me to clean and compile again with debug symbols

cd  /usr/local/src/naviserver-4.99.22
make clean all install "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=-O2 -g"
cd /usr/local/src/tcl8.6.11/unix
make clean all "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=-O2 -g"
(cd  /usr/local/src/tcl8.6.11/unix/pkgs/thread2.8.6; make clean all "CFLAGS_DEFAULT=-O2 -g -DNS_AOLSERVER=1 -I/usr/local/ns/include")
make install

Also when we hit our live site with Chrome browser it reports in the HTML headers that it is using Server: NaviServer/4.99.22.

In our docker image (which has starting base of Ubuntu 20.04) I also brought down gdb debugger and that is what I used to get the backtrace along with the nsd that was compiled and installed in /usr/local/ns/bin/nsd

 gdb /usr/local/ns/bin/nsd /usr/local/ns/core_1/core.1

Was this the right nsd executable to run with the core file? Any Idea how could we have gotten the wrong debug symbols?