Forum OpenACS Development: UI for jabber admin page

Posted by Luis Mosteiro on
hi, I'm working on the jabber admin page and I'm wondering whether it
is better to allow to add (or remove)a buddy one by one or to offer an
option where you can say how many buddies you want to add (or remove)
and then build a page with multiple textfields based on the number you
wrote in the form, so the admin doesn't need to reload the page again
and again.


Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I'm not sure what the jabber admin page you're talking about is. Building the page with multiple text fields sounds pretty awkward though. Is there any reason why you couldn't accept a comma-delimited list for add/delete? Or when listing the buddies, have check boxes next to each item name and a "Delete" button on top and bottom? (Like message deletion in most webmail systems.) Other postings on these bboards have discussed UIs for gracefully administering various numbers of users. See for one.
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
2 more suggestions: build a page with e.g. 10 lines of input fields, one for each item to add. Empty lines will simply be ignored, this way a user can add 1 to 10 items with one submit.

Or simply put up a textarea, where every line contains an item. If you need structured information per item then let them enter the name only  first and present them with a table with input fields after submitting the textarea, with one row for each name that the user entered.

Posted by Ben Koot on
Maybe a stupid question, but... I hope you can explain this Luis. Once your interface is finished, will registred user be able to use it without having to download a jabber client onto their PC? If so, that would be great news.


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hello Ben,

there is no way you can participate in Jabber without having a client. In our modell you will have two options.

One is to use the Java Applet that resides on the AOLserver and allows you to participate in discussions with your friends, regardless where they are logged in.

The other one is something we need to explore using Java Webstart and / or links to Winjab / Gabber or even aol:// style links.

But this is a seperate issue from the UI and you will have plenty of time exploring this and other options of the Jabber Module for OpenACS once it is done 😊.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

What does the Jabber Module for OpenACS do?

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
My wish list for a Jabber chat list would be to be able to add all of a class (a dotLRN_community) with one click.
Even better would be to be presented with the class list with check boxes so I could check/uncheck the people I want on my list.

How close are you guys to getting a working module? Is there a demo anywhere?


Posted by Talli Somekh on
As a heads up, there is a mailing list in the Jabber community that is dedicated to Jabber in academic settings. The link is here.

A number of schools have been deploying Jabber across their unis, including Azusa Pacific University and the Open University. In fact, the Open University has written a pretty cool Jabber client called BuddySpace.