Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Error Message when deleting a forum post reply on s6 docker install

Dear Kenneth,

you are providing very little information about your installation and what you did in detail. What is can read from the error message is that this is not related to s6 or docker, but is a problem with your database (actually the search triggers).

In order to check, whether a bug has sneaked into the installation, I did the following steps

  • Installed a fresh OpenACS instance using docker-s6
  • login
  • added Tsearch2 Driver via "install from local filesystem"
  • restart OpenACS
  • added forums package via "install from repository"
  • restart OpenACS instance
  • added Forums application
  • created new form named "Testing"
  • added message "m1" to this forum
  • deleted this message,

... and everything is fine, no error message in the browser or in the error log of this instance.

The used packages are:

  • acs-kernel 5.10.1d5
  • forums 1.4.0d4
  • tsearch2-driver 5.10.0