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Posted by Rafael Calvo on

I am finishing up an article and I am not sure how to call the project. we had agreed on OACS (pronounced Oaks), but the site and everywhere says OpenACS.

I need to submit it today/tomorrow. Please reply ASAP

2: Re: OACS or OpenACS? (response to 1)
Posted by Ola Hansson on
Hi Rafael,

Good question! We've seen so many different variants since the name poll that we seem to have almost forgotten on which leg we stand.

Going back on an old post, Don proclaimed the following:

It looks as though about 58% like the name "Open Architecture Community System" (with 3 to 2 liking "OpenACS 4.2" rather than "OACS-pronounced-Oaks 4.2").
So, I guess both the community and the toolkit are abbreviated "OpenACS" (not "OACS").

The full name of the toolkit and the community would be "Open Architecture Community System" - of course, the version number should soon be bumped to 4.6 (woohoo!).

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Posted by Ola Hansson on
Come to think of it, the community is probably not considered a system in itself (even though it displays homeostasis ;-)

Saying: "The Community" - linking back here - would probably be OK ...

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Posted by Roberto Mello on
Argh, please let's not start referring to the project/community as "" ala The ".org" sounds so ugly, and if somebody wants to find out the website for the project, I'm sure they'll knowhow to use a search engine.
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Posted by Richard Hamilton on
For what it is worth I agree with Roberto. OpenACS trips nicely off the tongue and will produce thousands of links in Google!

If any change was to be made I would propose OCS. The Arsdigita bit is not relevant and the Architecture replacement seemed a bit of a lame placeholder for the A to me. It really is now the Open source Community System - and bloody good it is too.

By the way, I love the new site. It really looks good and the refinements are great. It just keeps on getting better!

Regards Richard

6: Re: Re: OACS or OpenACS? (response to 5)
Posted by Simon at TCB on
Urm... if its the Open Source Community System, wouldn't that make it OSCS? :o) I'm sure OCS refers to something really well known (that I've forgotten ;)