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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Out of the top of my head:

* Use Project-Open for the accounting and invoicing / credit memo / debit notes stuff. Normal PO installation should do you good.

* Potentially treat each record as a project - really depends how you pay your artists / what your payment model is. Alternatively treat each artist as it’s own project to hold the financial and other information

* If you have your data model for the master records, figure out if you benefit from using categories as per ProjectOpen. They are a mighty tool if you know how to use them.

* We have a lot of great experience running Webix Report Manager and Pivot Table on top of OpenACS reports (well, project open reports, which is just a fancier version of database queries). Again, depends on your use case what you want to achieve.

Now to your questions:

1) No experience with it, but I think Naviserver is able to stream.
2) See above
3) We use chilkat library for this kind of integration. Check it out, might also solve streaming issues.
4) Docker - Docker - Docker ;)