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Posted by Mario Aguado on

We are working on lors Oracle port since July 2006. We are commiting changes on lors-oracle-port branch in OpenACS CVS.

We are implementing upgrade scripts for PostgreSQL and increasing version on .info files. The port is based on 0.7d1 version (HEAD version is 0.8), so someone must join the changes in the HEAD.

The changes are:

  • Oracle port for constraints, tables and code.
  • Renamed tables and columns of postgres for compatibility.
  • Extract SQL code from TCL to XQL files.
  • Add keys on tcl code for internationalization.
  • Test:

    • Clear install on Oracle and Postgres.
    • Upgrade on postgres.
    • Add scorm courses from reload editor tool
    • Add IMS courses from course genie Tool.
    • Next Features to resolve:

      • The items of menu what are folder show an error page on frame content.
      • Add new messages keys from tcl and BBDD to catalog.
      • One test isn't passed in this port and previus version.
      • Port lors-central to Oracle.
      • The packages what have changed are:

        • lors: From 0.6d4 to 0.6d5
        • lorsm: From 0.7d to
        • lorsm-portlet: From 2.2.0b2 to 2.2.1
        • views: From 0.2d1 to 0.2d2
        • dotlrn-lors: From 2.2.0b2 to 2.2.1
        • In the dotlrn 2.2.0 version, the package dotlrn-lors have been modified and we need to drop sql folder on this package for being able to install. The folder sql only have postgresSQL code.

          The package lors-central are not ported and it can be a problem. In the future we will port it too.

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Mario,

Great news! Congratulations!

Do you have a server where we can see lors-on-oracle in action?

Next .lrn meeting (jan 23) will be entirely dedicated to Zen project but it would be great if you could attend on tue, jan 30 to discuss lors port.

Congrats again for the great work :)

Posted by Mario Aguado on
The Oracle test server is down and it need reinstall. On monday I will install lors on oracle test server


Posted by Mario Aguado on

The Oracle test server have been reinstalled with dotlrn-2.2.1-final and lors packages.

I have imported some courses from postgres instance to oracle.