Forum OpenACS Development: Call for Participation and Abstracts for OpenACS/TCL/TK conference in Vienna

Dear Community,

you are all welcomed to the forthcoming OpenACS/TCL/TK conference:

It is a user meeting! May I encourage you to play an active role and present us your current work and questions?

The organization team would be glad to get abstracts until June 17th to create a preliminary program. It is only possible to contribute, if you are physically in Vienna. Due to equipment changes, our facility will only include room Audio/Video and questions via TkChat.

The topic cover Tcl/NaviServer/OpenACS. A hot topic is currently the migration to Tcl9 (OpenACS is not yet there, but Tcl 9 is ante portas).

Some ideas:

- Migration to TCL 9
- Androwish now on 64 bit Android
- Scalable user interface with Tk 9
- New Tk text widget integration
- Tk canvas successor TkPath (or other) to get smooth graphics
- CloudTk
- Unified documentation
- ICU library functionality for TCL and TK including Next Word binding etc, string normalization, code pages.
- Tk input methods integration
- Tk gesture integration
- Rivet Apache web server module
- TCL 9.0 and TK 9.0 panel

- scalability and resource consumption
- monitoring
- Cluster management
- OpenACS in the cloud
- REST interfaces
- Testing, deployment, CD/CI
- OpenACS applications

Many topics can't be assigned to the sub-communities, such as
- How to test releases
- Common place for all extensions
- What features are needed most?
- Which feature may be changed or removed in future?
- Voluntary market for extensions without maintainer
- How should the community work?

Would be great to meet you all in Vienna !