Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS and Tcl/Tk Conference 2024

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear community member,

The conference is coming closer, so some more details. The conference schedule is

We will be offering a live feed of presentations and panels of the OpenACS and Tcl/Tk Conference 2024 at:

The Tclers and OpenACS chat rooms [*] will be monitored for questions to be relayed to the presenters. The live feed will also be recorded and made available, as in previous years. Alternatively, you may use the direct feeds as well:

Day 1, Thu, 11.7.:
Day 2, Fri, 12.7.:

Don't hesitate to contact Sebastian Scheder by Email at for technical assistance.

We are looking forward to a great conference!

Best regards,

Gustaf Neumann
Harald Oehlmann
Stefan Sobernig


Posted by Brian Fenton on
Thanks for putting up a stream. Looking forward to watching the videos, and especially hearing about Naviserver 5.0!


Posted by Sebastian Scheder on
Dear Brian,

due to organizational reasons, the video live feed will only be available at