Forum OpenACS Development: Re: XoWiki 0.31 problem with deleted pages

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Since I got no fast feedback from thomas and i am leaving tomorrow for a short vacation, a short diagnosis, that might help some other people as well:

If one sees errors like this, please check the following items

  • Make sure, that acs-bootstrap-installer/bootstrap.tcl is up to date (it should include loading of the xotcl-core *init-files.
  • on cvs updates, it seems to happen that not all files are updated correctly. In the case of Thomas, it looks like the file xotcl-core/tcl/05-db-procs.tcl was missing.
The new versions of xowiki (in CVS head) need in most cases the new versions of xotcl-core from cvs head as well (it has the dependencies set). The dependencies are only checked on upgrades. If one simply updates the files, and reloads it, the dependencies are not checked...
Posted by Prem Thomas on

As Gustaf notes above, the fix for my problem involved cvs updates of two packages, xotcl-core and acs-bootstrap-installer, on which xowiki depends. With this done, the error above disappeared.

Security policy3 for xowiki now works perfectly with permission setting on individual pages; pages with public read permission now do not ask for login prior to read.