Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: The .LRN UI is ready for translation

Posted by Luigi Martini on
Although I guess that not so many Italians populate this community (from which a question arouses: How do I find the community member list in OpenACS?), I started translating dotLRN.
I confirm the remarks made by Jarkko, Malte and others: the problems are about the same in Italian, and the results of a straight translation look quite comic, for the moment (sometimes horrible, *never* unuseful, though).
I would add now that here I find some "words" which are not properly words but images instead: "back one day", "forward one day", "Go".
Also, the expression YYYYMMDD would be AAAAMMGG in Italian: no way to translate it, though.
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

I also mentioned the YYYYMMDD problem... it should be fixed when they update the translation server. The images problem is a good point too.

This might help you find some people to help with Italian: