Forum OpenACS Q&A: Load Balanced OpenACS 4.5: howto?

Hi all,
I've worked with OpenACS 4.5 for a while in the "default" configuration.

Now I need a load balanced installation (LVS + 2 AOL servers + a "remote" oracle).

In the 3.2.5 documentation I found server-cluster.html but nothing for the 4.5.

Could anyone help me?



Posted by Peter Alberer on
Hi Pasquale,

i plan to do use about the same configuration with the addition of using tux to serve static images on all of the web-servers. I have not started to look at lvs, but i know that the server-cluster thing in openacs deals only with the problem of server side caches that have to be flushed. Every webserver can notify the others when caches have to be timed out.

I will probably start in a few weeks to experiment and would be happy to hear about others experciences as well.


Posted by John Sequeira on
FYI, I'm going to begin working on this configuration this week as I iron out some kinks in my OpenACS port to use the fcgi.tcl FastCGI library. I can currently do "hello world" (the openacs home page) behind Apache 1.3x on Win32 but haven't yet got clustered interpreters running or got ns_cache implemented well enough to worry about synchronization.

(screenshots here)

I'll let you know how it goes.