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Posted by Kevin Murphy on
Should documentation errors/lacks/strong suggestions be reported through the bug system?

Kevin Murphy

2: Re: Bug reporting (response to 1)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Yes please.  I think reporting documentation problems under the
package in which they reside makes the most sense.
3: Re: Bug reporting (response to 2)
Posted by Kevin Murphy on
Would it be a good idea to have every web page, every piece of documentation, and every source file marked with a link to the bug form?  I.e. make it as likely as possible that even the casual user will report problems correctly such that there will be accountability and a paper trail?  Ideally bug reports and suggestions should go both to the author and to the bug system.

-Kevin Murphy

4: Re: Bug reporting (response to 1)
Posted by Simon at TCB on
Its an interesting idea, but on balance I'd say no as its an element I'd have to remove each time for production systems.

However, and area/screenadmin function connecting the system to a central bug server ( by default off ) which has been properly verified security wise, might be an idea?