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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
News from Sloan:
  • We are working on a photobook/extended profile RFP hopefully going out for bid this week.
  • We are meeting with OCW on en baling IMS content packaging based data tranfer. At this point it looks like we will be primarily transfering data from file-storage, with lesser capabilities for Calendar, Static portlets, survey, faq. RFP to do the coding maybe ready in about a month.
  • OF delivered code for the The Research Collaboration the tarball included "personal-communities" "research-papers" "dotlrn-research" "research-portlet" packages. I am testing/implementing it this week. More details as to what it actually does next week.
  • Steering Group Action Items:

    • We agreed that we would like one logo for dotLRN. Obviously every installation will use its own or a school logo but we would like a standard look for dotLRN uncustomized.

      We currently have 3 candidates. We will be inviting the dotLRN community to vote as soon as survey is available on

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Posted by Samir Joshi on

About OCW and IMS…

While using OpenACS / dotLRN I feel bit handicapped due to ‘database-backed’ nature of the platform. Repurposing the content is a huge task. We can either
  • ‘publish’ content from selected packages within a dotLRN community in plain HTML format, which can be then hosted on any web server in the world. It seems this is what you have in mind for the selected packages ( file storage + faq, survey , static portlet…) for now.
  • Or ‘externalize’the same content in XML / XSLT form. XML format will let us import the same content on another dotLRN installation. Additionaly, capability to generate HTML ( and WML and what not...) is still retained.

In the long term I would vote for the second option : It provides round-trip content transfer service – that will be very very useful in many cases : while upgrading to new hardware, changing database ( version or make) or upgrading to new version of OpenACS.

Research/Collaboration sounds great ! Is it Oracle only ? If so, I would be glad to port it to postgres.

- Samir