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4: Re: AOLserver and acs-lang (response to 3)
Posted by Brian Fenton on
I'm currently using the Henry Minsky patched Arsdigita 3.1 version (aol31ml). If you're familiar with that version, would this new version you're proposing require me to make many changes to my web site's source code?
5: Re: AOLserver and acs-lang (response to 4)
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I'm not familiar with Henry's distribution.  I believe his changes with regards to form data charsets were integrated into 3.3.1+AD13 but I don't know what other changes he may have made.  Does your distribution have a ChangeLog or other notes that might tell us?

You could try upgrading to 3.3.1+AD13+OACS1 on a test machine first - if that fails, a newer version probably would as well.  If it works, at the very least you'll be in good company!