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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
The design doc says:
Future Improvements/Areas of Likely Change Allow people to comment on files (and versions and folders?)
This was in 3x. Has anyone done this yet for 4x?
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Putting comments on a file into the file details page was pretty easy:
Index: file.tcl
RCS file: /usr/local/cvsroot/ssv2/packages/file-storage/www/file.tcl,v
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -r1.6 file.tcl
> set gc_link [general_comments_create_link $file_id "[ad_conn url]?file_id=$file_id"]
> set gc_comments [general_comments_get_comments $file_id]

And corresponding changes to display in file.adp..not shown because bbaord doesn't like the tags.

If general-comments is not mounted it just quietly does nothing.

Should this go into to OACS? I'd say yes, its good to have examples of how the packages work together. Do we need to put a check to see if general-comments is installed?

Posted by Roberto Mello on
It'd be nice to have this in 4.6 since it doesn't require any datamodel changes, but it's up to Don/Janine.


Posted by Lars Pind on
Yeah, please throw it in there.

You may want to make it a package parameter so you can turn it off.


Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I put in the parameter. Jeff said he'd translate as necesary for postgres and move to OACS4.6

I did run into a couple of problems that relate to dotLRN. I'm going to post about them in the dotlrn forum now.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I committed the patch on 4.6.
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Thanks Jeff! Much appreciated.