Forum OpenACS Q&A: Canonical source for Oracle and Postgres AOLserver drivers?

Where is the canonical source for the AOLserver Oracle and PostgreSQL drivers?

Based on this thread from Sept. and activity on the AOLserver list from around that time, I believe the canonical, up-to-date and maintained version of the Oracle driver is now nsoracle at SourceForge, which you can get with:

cvs -d co nsoracle

However, I know of three different CVS repositories for the Postgres driver:

cvs -d co driver-2.3
cvs -d co postgresql-driver
cvs -d co nspostgres

What is the story behind each of those? Which one should I use??

use the one.  The code from all three places is essentially the same (the has been cleaned up but
mostly it's just style and a some stuff moved into a header file).  I am pretty sure Don is the maintainer there.
Looking at the CVS logs, I think the current state is as below. From oldest to newest, with differences from the next older version:
  1. Version in OpenACS AOLserver distribution
  2. Version in acs-pg repository - Improved error messages thanks to Steve Woodcock, Added patches by David Walker
  3. Version in repository - DanW removed debug output for bind variables
  4. Version in SourceForge repository - The code cleanup Jeff described
Is there any reason why the older versions aren't updated to the SourceForge version? Or, are there any reasons not to remove the older versions, leaving a note telling people where to find the newest?
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
SourceForge question: Does SourceForge let anyone, perhaps project admins, backup the CVS repository files? Or not?? If they don't, that would really suck. But when I look at cvs log comments, it seems that whenever things get moved around (e.g., when Dan copied the Postgres driver from acs-pg and stuck it into the cvs), people just do an import of the current sources, rather than copying the repository, which makes me wonder...
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
SourceForge makes a .tar.gz of each project's complete CVS repository each night.  Project admins can access the  download from the admin page.  Only the most recent tarball is available at SF, so some project admins keep multiple ones on their own servers.  The nightly tarball is currently about 12MB.  I imagine that someone has written a short script to download the files automatically, but I haven't looked for one.  I don't know what AOL does for backup, if anything, but I'll try to remember to ask at the next chat.  I also want them to start using the syncmail scripts so that developers will get notices after commits.  According to the SourceForge documentation, SF makes backups in case of hardware failure, but won't help if the problem is your fault.
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Here's a link to the SourceForge CVS FAQ:
There's no direct access to the repository files, so in order to add all of the previous revisions and log notes you would need to ask the SourceForge support team to do it for you.
The CVSROOT tarball on SourceForge is available to all developers listed in the aolserver project, not just admins.  Unless I just happened to be an admin, which I don't believe is true.

The CVS browser at the aolserver SourceForge site doesn't show Don making any commits as yet.  Don?

Methinks I may have to see about maintaining this driver again... any objections, if I can find the time to do it?

The reason I had stopped maintaining it is very simple -- I was no longer using it, as I was stuck in AOLserver 2.3.3-land.  I am now out of that area, and am going to be actively using the OpenACS-capable driver again.  I will also have sites that will be using the straight non-OpenACS  nspostgres as well.