Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problems with Germanl Language RH 8.0 and my RPMs

The issue with user jonathan being needed is a bug, known and fixed here in my own RPMs. I should probably release them!

ERROR: Unable to start postgresql service, cannot install ACS data model
Fehler: %post(openacs-4.2-alpha.20020114) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

This one is probably because my RPMs check for a message from the output of

/sbin/service postgresql status

which is different in different languages.

I do not know of a good way to avoid this issue, I need to experiment some more with it. The text seems to be hard coded in /etc/init.d/functions in my (USA English) Red Hat versions.

This issue is in Red Hat 7.x too, it is not new in Red Hat 8.0.

For those who wonder why my RPMs are old... the hoped-for work (starting December 2001) which would have used OpenACS was awarded to others, who used a commercial toolkit (and by some accounts the work is still not completed). This meant I had no 'work time' or even 'play time which will pay off in future' time to spend on OpenACS. Combined with multiple intercontinental family relocations (to the UK, and now back to the USA)... well, I had other priorities.

There are hopeful signs that I may have need to use OpenACS for 'real work' during 2003; that would help spur me to test and release newer OpenACS RPMs.