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5: Re: Default Colors in 4.6 (response to 1)
Posted by Gilbert Price on
Thanks for the suggestions. I found the color settings in the acs-templating package. I modified the standard.adp, standard-lars.adp (blogger packege adds it) and widget.adp. Some other problems required changing colors in the /packages/acs-datetime/acs-calendar-procs.tcl file.

I did the grep for color in the files and ended up with a 476kb text file of the results. I'm not using all of the modules, but thought I'd post what I've manually changed in the bug-tracker after I finish making the changes.

Is there any preference for this, should I post color issues as I go, or save them up for one entry when I get done?


6: Re: Default Colors in 4.6 (response to 5)
Posted by Vinod Kurup on
Hi Gilbert, Thanks for debugging. I would post any color issues to the bugtracker as you find them. Our goal should be to keep things as design-agnostic as possible, so that creating a new stylesheet is all that is needed to change the look and feel of a site.