Forum OpenACS Development: Re: posting patches in the sdm

Posted by Lars Pind on
I think we still have some links to the SDM lying around, which should now get pointed to the bug-tracker. Also, we may want to put up a notice on all pages in the SDM saying "Don't post new bugs here, go to bug-tracker."

I've fixed the links on the index.adp "Congratulations" screen in the OpenACS software itself.

Perhaps it's also time that we change the link to point to the bugtracker instead of the old SDM?


Posted by Mark Aufflick on
I followed a neural link from my memory to /sdm

You could always just set the permissions to disallow non-admins write access, and put some sort of message at the top of the page as per Tillman's suggestion.

Thanks for the info, I will head to bugtracker shortly. I will re-post this patch after implementing Tillman's suggestion.