Forum OpenACS Development: Avoiding the Double Header Problem

Posted by Peter Marklund on
As you probably know the new default master template displays the conventional ACS header consisting of a page title a context bar and a horizontal line. The default dotLRN master template on the other hand does not display such a header.

On my server I have dotLRN installed but I am using the standard OpenACS master template. The problem is that I get double headers on the dotlrn admin pages as these display a header in addition to the OpenACS master template.

As a solution to this problem I figured that the OpenACS default master template could take the parameter display_header_p that would default to 1 but that for example the dotLRN admin pages could set to 0.

Is there a better solution?

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
acs-subsite should have a parameter ShowContextBarP. Try setting it to 0, that may solve the problem.