Forum OpenACS Q&A: Insalling OpenACS - libXML

Posted by Alfred Essa on
I am following Vinod Kurup's excellent documentation for installing OpenACS. I am at the point of installing AOL Web Server but am stuck at the following point in the documentation:
Install libxml2 & headers

In order for nsxml to compile, you need libxml2 (available from On Debian, this can be installed by doing apt-get install libxml2-dev. Users of other distributions can download rpms from You'll need the libxml2 and libxml2-devel packages.
I am trying to install on RedHat. Can someone explain to a clueless user what the steps are for installing "libxml2 and libxml2" There are multiple versions and I am not sure what and how to install.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by xx xx on
Isn't libxml2 included in newer Red Hat distributions? I guess you can skip that part. I don't see Joel use it  either in his openacs-4.5-quick-guide (
Posted by Brad Duell on
Or do a search for "libxml2" and "libxml2-devel" at:

And choose the correct package for your version of RedHat.