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Posted by Jeff Davis on
I have posted the last two TAB chat logs from 2001-01-21 and 2001-01-28. If you have questions or comments please follow up on this thread.
2: Re: dotLRN TAB Chat (response to 1)
Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Jeff,

Regarding the movement of storage_area in cr_items to cr_revisions.  I think the current design is ok.  I did submit a patch for file storage (4.5) so it can safely move from one storage to another on a per item level.  Having the movement on a per revision level may open some difficulties, say exporting the items.  You then have to look up everytime on cr_revisions before serving the content.  Although your suggestion does make it easy to serve stuff and not join anymore on cr_items.

Anyway in my opinion the current per item level of storage is good enough.

3: Re: dotLRN TAB Chat (response to 2)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Well, I think if you are going to be serving and versioning
larger content items from the CR, having this per item will
be a serious shortcoming in the datamodel.  It's wrong and at
some point we should fix it.
4: Re: dotLRN TAB Chat (response to 1)
Posted by Jarkko Laine on

Does your Safari screw up the dotlrn header panel? I think there's something weird with the table but haven't yet found out what it is.

5: Re: dotLRN TAB Chat (response to 4)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Yeah, the header is busted in Safari.  It's broken the exact same way in konq too.
6: hello (response to 5)
Posted by rebeccaw wells on
hey what ya doing?