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Posted by David Walker on
To restart nsd when started from inittab you only need permission to stop the service.  You can do this via an authorized web page that issues a "ns_shutdown" or if you have permissions to the running task (i.e. you are the user that nsd is running as) then you can kill it.
("ns_shutdown" being the cleanest option)

inittab will restart the service as root and you will be back up and running in no time.

if you actually needed to completely stop the service and have it not restart you will need root privileges though.

Posted by Mat Kovach on
_Janine makes some valid points about about DJB: he doesn't mind sharing his arrogant opinions with the world, he puts his software in strange locations, etc. All true. However noone here seems to complain that AOLserver, PostgreSQL, Oracle and OpenACS are all similarly strange. If you compare different flavors of unix, they do not adhear to exact standards on the way the os starts up and how they start services, the result is that every software that is installed using standard locations and practices have to use different locations and practices depending on the unix flavor_

Yes, he does install the software in what is considered strange locations, but it is the same across ALL platforms.  He had to pick "strange" locations (ie: broke frrom the various standards out there) so that this software was in one location.  But if you goto Solaris, Irix, Linux, *BSD you can always find (or should unless the installer changes it) /command, /package, /service, /var/qmail.

Now if that is good or bad is up to debate (I don't like it but I apperciate the effort).

You can also find the latest docs of DJB's code at: