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Posted by Alfred Essa on
It would be worthy goal to kill dotLRN. In a sense. A number of people have argued, for example, that dotLRN should just be a particular configuration option of OACS.

dotLRN would survive as a brand but the marketing campaign would give equal, if not more, prominence to OACS. We tend to think of OACS as a web toolkit. It is that. But it is now also evolving or could evolve into a series of products (dotLRN, dotWRK) which are merely configurations of OACS.

What do others think?

2: Re: Killing dotLRN (response to 1)
Posted by Jun Yamog on
A worthy goal.  Also sets a clear definition for OACS too and not only for dotLRN.  That indeed OACS is a web toolkit and its up to organization like MIT to package OACS into a out of the box usable application.  Generous members like MIT will donate their config and customization to OACS.

Its also a good move as more things can be moved to OACS if dotLRN is a config.

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Posted by Lars Pind on

I think this is exactly what a lot of us are thinking. In a very constructive sense.

In fact, an example of this is the discussions we had in the TAB meeting last week about moving the parts of the dotlrn package that are generally applicable into acs-subsite, with the future goal of replacing the dotlrn package with acs-subsite.

This would, of course, not include the things that are specific to dotLRN, such as the terms, classes, courses, departments, etc., which currently live in the dotlrn. They would stay there, but dotlrn would be a package mounted within a subsite, like any other package.

The overall goal is to have as much synergy and shared code between different OpenACS applications as possible, which will increase the value for everybody.

Another related vision that I have is that the OpenACS installer would offer you the choice of a number of predefined configuration options, for example: dotLRN, dotWRK, public web site with communities, etc. Then the installer would download, install and configure things for you, and you'd be redirected to a control panel where you can upload your logo, customize the design, change settings, and other similar customizations.


4: Re: Killing dotLRN (response to 1)
Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Yes, I think this is the right thing to do.  One of my first thoughts when I did my first dotLRN install was "most of this belongs in OpenACS".  There's not a whole lot there that's really education-specific.

I also like what Lars said about the installer - that seems to be the right direction to me.