Forum .LRN Q&A: dotLRN World Wide Release

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Here is the current thinking on launching .LRN.

With Bart's leadership testing will begin shortly and we are projecting dotLRN v1.0 release for mid-March.

We are beginning planning for a World Wide Release of .LRN v1.0 for July 2003. This will be a major marketing blitz in as many media outlets as possible. I also hope to get very strong support from MIT. The marketing message will give equal prominence to OACS. In the education community the angle is .LRN, but this is also an opportunity to raise the worldwide profile for OACS. For example, when I was at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention last year there was absolutely nothing on OACS. This year the OACS community should have a massive presence. We need to change the perception that OACS is not a mainstream open source technology. Postgres is accepted and recognized, AOL Server and TCL are not. With good marketing we can change the either/or thinking, namely that it's either J2EE or .NET. OACS is a brilliant brilliant toolkit and product. We need to push now aggressively to go for massive adoption.

.LRN v2.0 would be released sometime at the end of the summer. By the time of the World Wide Release, the roadmap to v2.0 would be clearly in place.

Posted by carl garland on
I think if the planned release for v1.0 is in July 03 it would be a mistake to try to aim for a late summer release of 2.0. From a technical viewpoint it has taken awhile to get to a stable 1.0 and rightly so. From a mktg perspective if it only takes a very short amount of time to jump to 2.0 it could be percieved that 1.0 was lacking or something else amiss. I would suggest a minor version # bump although I do understand the desire to move beyond the 1.0 version as soon as possible.
Posted by Talli Somekh on
Al, can you give us a sense of what the major marketing blitz will include? I am currently in the throes of thinking about J2EE vs .NET vs OACS TCO. Will the blitz include some of this kind of stuff?

If not, can I help? I must admit ignorance in knowing quite how to do a marketing TCO, though...