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7: Re: Nomenclature Cleanup (response to 6)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Okay... one last time (using html as an aid).

1. These titles in the dotLRN UI Now ->

    • Classes
    • Communities

    Suggestion ->

      • Classes
      • Groups

      2. The resource implications are limited because we are only talking about the UI here (this discussion is taking me more time than actually changing things would). Using the translation tools in 1.1 I could probably have it finished in 5 minutes. It is NOTHING like what I would like to see as part of the "Killing" dotLRN movement: making the dotLRN "subsites" model fit under an improved OpenACS subsites umbrella.

      3. This should be decided on before 1.0. Even if we stick to the way things are we need to go through and clean things up.

      4. It seems that OF made most instances of these titles parameters that can be changed using the UI. If this is true across the board the implications for existing users of dotLRN would be minimal.